Enjoy the Water!

Our Goal

Why do you enjoy the water? To relax? To exercise? To cool off, or warm-up? To see kids enjoying and entertaining themselves? All of these reasons and more?

There is something about the water that just makes us feel good. Whether it’s a shower or bathtub, a lake, river, or the ocean, most of us like the water. A swimming pool is a great place for being in the water. There are lots of reasons to have a pool or go to a pool, but it all pretty much comes down to enjoying the water.

The goal of most of us (if not all of us) in the pool industry is to help people enjoy the water. We build pools. We manufacture the parts and pieces that go together to make and maintain pools. We are distributors and retailers stocking and selling those parts and pieces. We fix, renovate and maintain all these pools. We lifeguard and manage pools. We teach swimming lessons and water aerobics.


We Thank All of You Who Enjoy

The Water and Support Our Families and Us. You make this whole industry possible.

I’m Dan at Live Oak Pools, Inc. and I’ve been enjoying the water for longer than I can remember. I’ve enjoyed most of my time in the pool industry and want to do my part to make it enjoyable for everyone I can. I work in Havana, Quincy, Tallahassee, Leon, and Gadsden county Florida. Also in Thomas, Grady, and county Georgia.